Guttershield G3
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Looking for Gutter Protection?
Before you engage a company asks yourself.

Water sheeting is a big issue!

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Guttershield G3 Custom ORB Installation

Different systems to suit your home and budget

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HI-Tech Gutter Shield G3 Gutter Protection

Looking for Gutter Protection?
Before you engage a company ask yourself:

Do they offer you a 12 month money back guarantee on performance?

Do they have decades of experience in the gutter protection industry?

Will they offer you different systems to suit your home or budget?

Will they turn up on time, every time?

Customer reviews

I would like to pass on a few thoughts regarding your representative; he came to my house at my request to present your product and service to me. He delivered exactly what he said he would, ten out of ten. I am in an industry, which relies on sales and service; I can only say that yours is the best. Congratulations on a great product and a job well done.

Roseville Residence

Thank you for your prompt work and we are very pleased with the appearance and the result. The system is working very well and I would not hesitate to recommend your product and service to neighbors and friends. Also, I would like to compliment you on the behavior and politeness of your crew. They worked continually and were very pleasant to speak to and kept me informed of problems and perceived delays. Again, thanks for your assistance

Pymble Residence

I am very pleased I no longer have to worry about my gutters overflowing into my roof when we have a heavy downpour of rain. I was always worried as soon as the rain would start, now I know the gutters are free of leaves and my roof won’t be flooded again

Avoca Residence

Thank you very much for fixing the problems we had with birds nesting in our roof, we are no longer woken up at all hours of the night. Also, it looks great and we don’t have to worry about any leaves blocking the down pipe.

Salamander Bay Residence

My thanks for your assistance with my possum problems. They had been nesting in my roof for some time and the noise became unbearable. Thanks to G3 Guttershield no longer have this problem

Mount Colah Residence

At least next time the bushfires come I will not have to worry about my gutters being filled with leaves and fuel for the fire, the downpipe plugs are a great way to wet down the building and the area around the house. I am also happy with the service provided and my home was left looking very good indeed, also the workmen were very pleasant to deal with.

Katoomba Residence

We could not be more pleased with the look of your Guttershield G3 System. Not only that it does a great job of keeping the leaves and twigs out of the gutters. It’s great to know I don’t have to clean them anymore.

Raymond Terrace Residence

Having Guttershield installed recently has not only kept leaves out of the gutters it has added appearance value and given us extra time to do other things, rather than having the added worry and risk of cleaning our gutters.

Wahroonga Residence

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